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About Us

Eddie has been a car nut forever...
His friends jokingly referred to him at one time as "Mr. Polish."   Their eyes have been known to glaze over after the first hour of enthusiastic car polishing and detailing talk.  It was soon realized that he could only be correctly referred to as "The Doctor of Polish"
He has polished antique vehicles at the History Museum of San Jose Trolley Barn.

"The Doctor of Polish"

The young scientist at work...

We are dedicated to serving our client's needs, and our goal is 110% customer satisfaction. We eat, drink and sleep quality service. If you see a smudge, please let us know!
We use high quality Griot's Garage products.

griotslogo.gifA Mobile Auto Polishing, Precision Detailing & Preservation Service
Eddie Da Rocha, "The Doctor of Polish"
phone: 408.786.8440    email: eddie@restorationpaintpolish.com