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Services include:

Washing is done in such a way as to reduce the chances of scratching, and some cars should not be washed:
    Dust & Clean, (for a car not to be washed) with high-lubricity mild cleaner & plush Micro Fiber cloths, or:
    Hand Wash, (for a car that is to be washed) and Dry with Blower & High Quality Micro Fiber Dry Towels

Clay & Clean to carefully remove Bonded Contaminants from your Paint and Glass without scratching:
    (Ultra Fine Paint Cleaning Clay used, and Cleaners and/or mild solvents are used only as needed)
    Stains, Spots & Splatters: bugs & droppings, tar, sap, oil, grease, soot, adhesives, paints & road grime
    Oxidation, Overspray
    Cement Splatter
    Unwanted Decals & Stickers
    Iron Particles (Rail Dust), Industrial Fallout & other bonded contaminants
    Transferred Paint or Metal Marking
    Old Wax & Polish residue in gaps, crevices & corners, including non-painted surfaces

Mild Glass Polishing, if needed to clean off calcium & other deposits from Windshield & Window Glass
Specialized Windshield Polishing, available to remove very light wiper scratches in Windshield
Plastic Window & Plastic Panel Polishing available, if applicable, as needed

Restore Overall Luster: Shine is restored and Flaws are diminished to fully prepare paint for waxing
All painted areas are polished, including door jambs & rockerpanels, so that the finish may be preserved
Address paint flaws: Careful orbital machine polishing & hand polishing, including:
    (some cars will have few of the following paint flaws, thus speeding the polishing step)
    Very Light to Medium Scratches (which cannot be felt with fingernail, will generally dissappear)
    Toweling Marks
    Etched/Pitted Areas caused by acidic, calcium & other deposits, including bird droppings, water spots, etc.
    Car chemical and other deposits, spills & etching
    Scratches from abusive cleaning practices, including brush-type car wash, drying with cotton cloths, etc.
    Swirl Marks, Buffer Marks & Holograms
    Deep Scratches are not removed, but polished to markedly reduce appearance; preserves paint thickness
All painted areas are polished, including door jambs & rockerpanels, so that the finish may be preserved

Choice of High Quality Carnauba Waxes or Paint Sealants to enhance Color, Depth & Clarity:
    Carnauba, for those who want an extravagent shine; recommended for Ferrari (quarterly re-application)
    Paint Sealant (Synthetic Wax), easier to apply, more protection (6-month re-application)
    Chrome, Aluminum, Magnesium & other metal trim, Cleaning, Polishing & Waxing

Wheel Cleaning, optional wheel removal from car for proper full Cleaning, Polish & Wax on front & back
Borrani Wire Wheels: Hand cleaning, Full Metal Polishing by hand & Sealant applied to slow oxidation
Tire Cleaning & Dressing; stains & splatters in tread cleaned out, inside-facing sidewalls also dressed
Interior Cleaning, including Leather Cleaning & Conditioning
Vent Duct cleaning available
Wood & piano lacquer veneer, chrome, granite & gold trim cleaned, polished & waxed
Carpet Cleaning by hand with waterless cleaner (Carpet 'Shampooing' Not Available nor Recommended)

Rubber Door weatherstripping & window seal cleaning and dressing
Convertible or Cabriolet Top or Vinyl Roof cleaning & dressing
Ask about 'Best of Show' Service for Car Show Preparation
Engine Degreasing and Driveline components cleaning, without pressure washing; hand cleaning
Quarterly Maintenance "Touch-Up" Service Available
Custom Services Available at Client Request
Client Instruction in car care and ideas such as "Do No Harm - To Your Car"


griotslogo.gifA Mobile Auto Polishing, Precision Detailing & Preservation Service
Eddie Da Rocha, "The Doctor of Polish"
phone: 408.786.8440    email: eddie@restorationpaintpolish.com